About us

If a picture says a thousand words, then our corporate video below says more than a million! You prefer written text? Scroll down and you can read about the founding of TimeSeries in 2012.

The year is 2012. The song ‘Gangnam Style’ is blasting through the speakers all around the world, the Dutch football team lost all group matches in the European Championship and Game of Thrones fans are in shock while watching the second season of the hit series.


Erik Gouka and Michel Schilt, two experienced entrepreneurs that have worked together for 20 years on innovative solutions in the energy and utilities market, have an important Eureka moment which sparks the birth of a new company called TimeSeries.

Big Data platform

The introduction of smart energy meters in households has brought insight into real-time energy usage. Instead of one measurement every day, the energy usage is being measured automatically every 15 minutes. Which means a humongous increase of data. In the year 2012 organizations didn’t have the knowledge how to store, let alone analyze this amount of data. Luckily, Erik and Michel decided to develop a big data platform which could tackle this problem. With success!

Mendix partner

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane. “The first years we focused on developing the big data platform, which we needed for storage, analyses and predictions. That was already pretty impressive, but it needed more. We found it necessary to show the output in beautiful applications. That’s when Mendix came along. In 2015 TimeSeries became their partner and nowadays we are one of the biggest Mendix partners in the world. What we can do with innovations like Big Data, Internet of Things and Artifical Intelligence, combined with the Mendix platform makes us unique and results in fantastic solutions. In 2017 and 2019 we even won the Most Innovative Partner of the Year Award!”

Happy TimeSeries Employees
TimeSeries winning Most Innovative Solution award
Focussing on presentation
TimeSeries teambuilding

TimeSeries culture

How TimeSeries finds the best people? “That’s simple. Our open, down-to-earth culture attracts the smartest minds. Our people are our most important assets, so we provide them with a lot of responsibility and all the means necessary to develop out-of-the-box solutions for our customers. Besides, although it might sound a bit tacky: we work hard, play hard and rest well. We have several events outside of work which are, to be quite honest, really awesome! All of the above has proven to be the perfect mix. TimeSeries is found to be a great organization to work for and to work with.”

Anno 2020, TimeSeries has grown into a successful company with a hundred employees in The Netherlands and the United States of America. “We won the Golden FD Gazelle, which is an award for being the fastest growing company in the western part of The Netherlands!” 

The mission statement never changed:

“We are all entrepre-nerds and we put our customers needs and relationships above all. We do that by outsmarting everyone with the best people, latest technologies and commitment to the limit. Innovating by experimenting and learning and we thrive in an open culture.”

Erik Gouka, CEO
Michel Schilt, COO