Gartner predicts that in 2024, 65% of all applications will be developed with low-code technology. This implies a significant increase of low-code adoption in the coming years. With low-code platforms like Mendix, you are able to develop four times faster than traditional development methods. Obviously, this can create a competitive advantage, but it also comes with challenges. Especially regarding your IT architecture. How do you maintain quality in such a fast growing application landscape? And  how do you prevent having a chaotic jungle of apps with for instance duplicate or incorrect data?

Aligning IT with your strategy

As an architect or manager, you want IT to be aligned with the strategy and goals of your organization. As the number of applications grows, several needs arise: 

  • Retaining flexibility as well as speed in development
  • Having high quality and scalable applications
  • Making sure data is secure and minimize data duplication

Mendix Architects

The most experienced Mendix Architects work at TimeSeries. Our architects have governed clients with application landscapes of 25+ to hundreds of apps. They work closely together with the architects of our customers, transferring knowledge of architectural principles in the area of low-code development. Together, they are able to set up a governance framework which minimizes the risks of your application landscape.

With TimeSeries Mendix Architects:

  • You have higher quality applications with less issues and downtime;
  • You have better maintainable applications that are easier to extend with new functionality so align better with the wishes of the business;
  • Your models will be easier to understand, so faster onboarding of new developers;
  • New applications will be faster to develop because of a better modular setup the existing functionality will be easier to reuse.

Other topics in architecture

TimeSeries also advises organizations on many different topics, for instance in the areas of:

  • microservices landscapes or service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • the Mendix datahub
  • large data sets using Big Data and IoT technologies