Helping university students make academic choices by providing live access to their study paths.


DimLab is a Dutch firm specializing in student flow management and helping universities, their teachers and students continually improve performance. DimLab’s founders have immense experience in the education sector having worked at universities as teachers, student counselors and project managers. 

Since mid-2020, DimLab has complemented its offerings with a new innovation. An automated online service helps both academic counselors at universities and students by creating visually attractive study paths, based on the faculty’s regulations, available courses and study choices. It saves counselors and students many hours of effort and provides incredible insight into options and opportunities.

Called Academic Routeplanner, DimLab’s online service automates much of the course information searching, explaining and planning tasks that counselors used to undertake manually for each student, and the associated paperwork. A digital transformation, it means counselors can now give more time to mentoring students towards a successful study outcome. Students have on-demand access anytime, anywhere to the course information, possible study routes and personalized insights they need for their academic choices.

Application development challenge

Going back a few months to when DimLab originally came up with the entrepreneurial idea for Academic Routeplanner, it built a simple demo to show to a major Dutch university. They loved it! So DimLab decided to develop the application for real. 

Already having a potential first customer, the founders wanted to develop the application quickly. They also wanted to ensure it would be scalable, cope with a large number of users and be easily adaptable for changes down-the-line. 

Every technology company claims they have the best consultants in the field. But that actually is the case with TimeSeries. We compared different Mendix partners and TimeSeries stood head and shoulders above the rest. Next to their technical knowledge, they are outstanding in listening, shifting quickly and getting results. They really exceeded our expectations.

-Hanneke Thieme
Lab Envisioner

In terms of a development platform, one of DimLab’s founders was already familiar with Mendix, the low-code platform. Although he wasn’t a skilled developer, he was impressed with what he’d seen in terms of speed of development and how easily changes can be made. And there was another thing that was important: Academic Routeplanner would handle a lot of private and sensitive information. So he was also keen on Mendix, because it meets data security standards and European Union regulatory compliance and privacy rules. 

DimLab worked closely with TimeSeries, asking TimeSeries to help them bring their already developed business processes and digital workflows to a robust well-designed and secure online application with an architecture fit for future expansion.

Choice of development partner

DimLab set up a strong selection process before choosing its Mendix development partner. TimeSeries was chosen for its quick understanding of DimLab’s particular challenge, its developer’s eagerness to help and share the knowledge required for Academic Routeplanner to be a success. It was an obvious and quick decision!

TimeSeries worked closely with DimLab to refine what Academic Routeplanner would offer as a service and define the business processes and digital workflows involved for it to run as an online application. 

When going live with Academic Routeplanner, we literally did not face a single problem. TimeSeries played a crucial role in this with their recommendations and way of working. Next to a flawless and secure go-live, TimeSeries performed load-tests which proved the tool is perfectly able to handle large numbers of users and data.

-Clariël Veldhuizen
Lab Manager

A beautiful result

Within just four weeks of development time, a working proof-of-concept was up and running. After 12 weeks from signing up with TimeSeries, Academic Routeplanner was live with DimLab’s first university customer, serving tens of counselors and over 2,000 students. 

Counselors and students have said that Academic Routeplanner is really easy to use. They like the simple and attractive front page from which their enquiry and study paths develop and they love having access to such detailed information and smart functionality at their fingertips.