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Digitizing the inclination testing process has shortened the duration from weeks hours.

European shipyard

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A leading European shipyard, renowned worldwide for designing and constructing high profile vessels.


When building a ship, certain tests and inspections have to be carried out during the build cycle. Many of these inspection processes are carried out onboard the ship and are still done on paper and afterwards entered in Excel sheets. Because there is often no internet connectivity available in these metal shells, inspectors have to fill in all of the data twice, making it a very time-consuming and error-prone process.

An example of such a process is preparing for an inclination test, which is a test which needs to be carried out several times when building a ship. During the preparation phase of this test the entire ship needs to be checked for additional, missing and misplaced weights such as heavy items and equipment, but even toolboxes, packaging material and furniture are relevant. This is a process which can take multiple days or weeks and may result in thousands of weights which need to be recorded in order to calculate the impact of these weights on the center point of gravity of the ship.

The tests are being carried out jointly with the shipyard, owner representatives and maritime classification society and need to be recognized as being accurate by all parties.


By using the Mendix platform, TimeSeries developed an application to digitize this process. The application can be used on a tablet, both online and offline. Being able to upload different arrangement plans and using X- and Y-indexes, the application knows exactly where the inspector is located on the ship. The application makes it very easy for the inspector to take the weights while walking through the ship. The app calculates the impact of the center point of gravity in real time and determines if the weights are still within the allowed bandwidth with respect to the light ship weight. If everything is in order, the inclination test can proceed as planned.


Using the application, our customer knows exactly what and how many weights are missing and can act accordingly. Digitizing this process has shortened the duration from weeks to hours and significantly increased accuracy of results.