A fully scalable, load balanced and monitored Mendix application that connects to APIs all over the world!



Service provider

Business need

Expereo is the leading managed SD-WAN, Internet Connectivity services and Cloud Acceleration solutions provider, powering 10,000+ enterprise and government sites in 180+ countries. Expereo provides internet access services in over 180 countries. Their mission: to connect anywhere on the planet. As the pioneer of global managed Internet access solutions, they bring more than 13 years of managed services experience with unparalleled global reach. 

The market for dedicated internet access is changing. Copper is being changed to fiber and there are now much more smaller internet providers. In order to adapt to these changes, a new strategy and better accuracy of prices is needed.

Great company, I would recommend them for anyone who’s interested in hiring Mendix consultants. I give TimeSeries 5 stars when it comes to empowering Mendix teams.

-Stefano Scandola
IT Manager, Expereo


Connecting directly to the APIs of the internet providers to get real time pricing and availability! A solution that needs to be fully scalable in order to handle the huge number of requests. At the same time improving the performance of the existing Mendix application to make sure that it can handle the increased load.



With our help, Expereo now has a Mendix application that connects to APIs all over the world! This fully scalable, load balanced and monitored application is used to get accurate pricing for thousands of requests each day. Meanwhile our Big Data experts finished restructuring the existing application in such a way that it can not only handle the current load, but it can also handle a much higher expected load in the future.