Enabling hundreds of local IT employees, located all over the world, to collaborate on a daily basis.


 ‘Lifting profitability, driving sustainability’ is the main ambition for Hydro – one of the largest aluminium companies in the world – for what the company’s digitalization also contributes greatly. Hydro’s internal service provider, Hydro Global Business Services is a key driver in the company’s digital journey.

Hydro and Mendix

Within Norsk Hydro, the low-code platform Mendix is used for a variety of purposes to future-proof their digital services. Choosing low-code over traditional development has several reasons. One of them is the scarcity of qualified developers in traditional programming languages, speed of delivery and future maintenance. 

In 2017, Norsk Hydro acquired Sapa to become a leading force in the global aluminium industry. Because of this acquisition and transforming the two companies into one, Hydro had to migrate thousands of Office365 users worldwide. Due to a license renewal, which was planned in a couple of months, speed was one of the critical factors. On top of that, the process of migrating the accounts had to be custom made, because it had to be based on the new organizational structure and processes. Because of this, Hydro chose to work with Mendix. 

Migration Application

TimeSeries developed Hydro’s Migration App to help scheduling the migration of the Office365 accounts. Mendix enabled hundreds of local IT employees, located all over the world, to collaborate on a daily basis with the Hydro Global Business Services’ migration team. The Migration App included the process around deadline management, an overview of all deadlines including an approval process to stay in control. It also helped to visualize the dependencies on other applications. This functionality enabled the IT colleagues not to schedule a person for migration who still needed access to a dependent application. In the end, the application played a crucial role during the migration process in terms of being in control and efficiency.  

Working agile on the Migration App with TimeSeries overseeing the architecture, performance and delivery was crucial for this project’s success.

-Viktor Homola
Project Manager

Hydro & TimeSeries

An important part of the success of the Migration App was the agile way of working, which is a part of TimeSeries’ standard project approach. The project team was able to continuously provide feedback on a working application. As a result, functionality was delivered fast and flexible fully aligned with the wishes of the business. With TimeSeries as their Expert Mendix partner, Hydro’s IT department was able to deliver a successful application with the desired functionality. TimeSeries was in the lead to manage the performance of the initial minimal viable product and to set up a future proof architecture. The Hydro team slowly took over the lead and kept expanding and improving as a DevOps team.