Productivity increased by approximately 30% as a result of the user-friendly application that instantly updates SAP.


Business need

Mammoet provides engineered heavy lifting services to customers in the energy, construction, mining and maritime sectors. It uses a range of equipment including cranes, specialized trailers, gantry systems and more to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. By working closely with their customers, they can realize the most efficient and cost-effective approaches to a wide range of lifting challenge. These can range from road transportation of transformers, to moving entire offshore topsides weighing tens of thousands of tonnes.

The maintenance of trucks and cranes was achieved using large paper files. Within the maintenance department there was a need for enhanced visibility and transparency. This was needed to provide additional protection against the loss of key data. On average 35,000 maintenance orders are created each year, across the globe. These large paper files contain all information with regard to maintenance work orders and were distributed between several offices. This increased the amount of time it took to locate key files, especially working within already-complex warehouse environments. This had a knock-on effect on productivity, and also human factors such as the legibility of handwriting also create inefficiencies.

The flexibility, expertise and dedication of TimeSeries helped us to make the DWO project a big success. Even when we needed someone at short notice they were able to help us out. If you are looking for a partner to develop a Low Code application, I would definitely recommend TimeSeries!

-Maarten Koning
Business Application Analyst, Mammoet


TimeSeries developed together with Ideo and Mammoet a responsive application that will be used on a tablet or laptop to digitize the work order process for maintenance: the Digital Workorder (DWO). Work orders can be retrieved from SAP and processed  in Mendix, including alignment with the already existing approval workflow in SAP. From this software you can, for instance, edit notifications, tasks, operations and assignments. Due to lightweight integration with Odata a change in each category can be upgraded instantly in SAP. 

TimeSeries integrated 25+ SAP Odata services to retrieve and update data in SAP. In about 8 weeks of work the Mendix application has been developed to digitize the whole work order process. Mechanics and other stakeholders have been involved with the project from the beginning to improve the end result. TimeSeries has involved a Designer to create visual representations of the pages (mockups) based on in-depth conversations with the project team. As a result, the application is intuitive, which allows Mammoet to fully train the mechanics in a couple of hours, and in a manner fully aligned with the expectations of the business.

The work order process is unique to Mammoet and the integrations with SAP are essential to maintain a single source of information. Mendix made it possible to develop this modern custom-developed application on top of SAP in only two months. Because of the partnership between Mendix and SAP, SAP has chosen Mendix as the platform for Low Code, as it is easy to integrate with SAP. The first version of the DWO application has been developed and in the coming year it will be extended and improved. The flexibility and scalability of the Mendix platform enables Mammoet to achieve this ambition.


The most important result of the application is increased productivity and insight. Productivity increased by approximately 30% as a result of the user-friendly application that instantly updates SAP.  With the DWO application, mechanics work less on administration and more on Mammoet’s equipment: that is what it’s all about!  

Customer case - Mammoet