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Continuous insight into elevator usage and performance improves maintenance through predictive analytics.

Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

Mitsubishi Elevator Europe (MEE) started in 1951 as the “Eerste Veenendaalse Lift Industrie”. So like TimeSeries, MEE is a true Dutch Original! With over 65 years of experience, MEE specializes in high-end sustainable elevators. They perform elevator maintenance and renovations, but are also no strangers to some beautiful custom made builds. All of this expertise combined with the high standards of its parent company, Mitsubishi Electric, result in an impressive feat: MEE elevators have the lowest malfunction rate of all elevators in the Netherlands.

Business need

MEE has developed an entirely new line of elevators, the MOVE. This new generation of elevators has a sophisticated operating system which gathers data for hundreds of parameters of every individual MOVE elevator. 

Realizing the potential of Big Data and Predictive Maintenance, Mitsubishi chose to leverage the TimeSeries IoT platform and secure the MOVE data to gain valuable insight.


The Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) application, which was built using the low-code platform Mendix, provides MEE support and Research & Development employees with relevant and accurate insight into an elevator’s past and current functioning. As the MOVE elevator will be sold all over Europe, the RMS platform provides MEE’s support professionals with the insights needed to handle and support their foreign colleagues with a service request. 

The RMS application platform retrieves data directly from the elevator’s operating system and stores it in the TimeSeries IoT Big Data platform. Here it can be saved for the duration of the elevator’s life span. Leveraging the enormous storage capacity and analytics capabilities of the TimeSeries platform, MEE gains insight into the current status of their elevators, regardless of where they are placed in the world. Combined with the Predictive Maintenance capabilities of the IoT platform, MEE has truly made the next MOVE.

“At Mitsubishi, we apply innovative technology to provide our users with the best service possible. That’s why we work together with partners who have the mindset. For us, TimeSeries is a partner who brings this into practice every day. We are very satisfied with the end result and our collaboration.”

-Evert Visser
Managing Director, Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

However, RMS was not just built for creating insight and foresight into maintenance and support. The insights gathered from the elevators is also an invaluable tool for the research and development department of the new MOVE. It grants them a greatly accelerated view of possible improvements, the wear and tear impact of certain component choices and a better grasp of the product they are building in Veenendaal.

Moreover, it is also a communication hub between MEE and their customers for questions, support requests or sales. These requests are all linked to individual elevators making it a one-stop-shop for insight, maintenance & communication. 

During the Corona outbreak, Mitsubishi further leveraged the full potential of this new generation of elevators. Within a span of two weeks functionality was built that enables any elevator user with a mobile phone to use the elevator without ever having to press any of its potentially contaminated buttons.


The RMS application has brought MEE these improvements in different aspects of their business:

Continuous insight into elevator usage and performance greatly improves maintenance through predictive analytics. Additionally, mechanics can view remotely the actual number of runs the elevator has made since the last maintenance and can gauge whether the specific elevator might need some extra care and attention due to heavy usage. The elevators errors can now be remotely monitored facilitating predictive monitoring. Enabling MEE to react to small things that might lead to an issue before there is any disturbance for the customers.  

All this information is also extremely valuable for the MEE R&D department. Facilitating them in improving upon the success of the MOVE Elevator. 

Customer contact runs significantly faster and smoother now there’s a real-time insight into issues and a streamlined platform for communication about these issues combined in one application.

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