W&O Supply

A communication platform to optimize the customer relationship by providing speed, consistency, deduplication, efficiency and insight.

W&O Supply

W&O Supply, a leading global marine distributor headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has rolled out Insighter™, a custom order management and tracking system for its customer, Austal, an advanced ship manufacturer. Insighter™ offers real-time visibility into parts supply, generates measurable savings in staff time, and estimates acceleration of order delivery by 10–15%.

TimeSeries was asked to assist W&O with a pilot for this communication platform they planned to build with Mendix. W&O, a Pon Holdings operating company, wanted to create this platform to optimize the customer relationship between W&O and Austal by providing speed, consistency, deduplication, efficiency and insight into the transactions. 

This is what the 6-week pilot process looked like:

Week 1

One of TimeSeries’ most experienced Mendix consultants Rom van Arendonk landed in Mobile, Alabama to kickstart the project. The goals of this week were getting to know the business and gathering requirements for the development of the app. Meanwhile, initial app designs and functionalities were developed on the spot, with some assistance of one of our UX professionals in the Netherlands. This way, the people from W&O already had a sense of what the app was going to look like before the development phase even began. 

Week 2-5

The following five weeks the pilot app was built in the Netherlands, during five one-week Sprints. These weeks consisted of refining requirements, developing functionalities, and demonstrating the progress to all stakeholders involved. The latter required quite a bit of time management, since there were multiple time zones to take into account. However, the active involvement of these stakeholders was of the utmost importance; to keep feedback loops short, and for the app to get traction within both organisations.

Supplier Innovation Award

After just six weeks (thanks again, low-code!), the pilot of Insighter™ was ready for implementation, and hasn’t gone by unnoticed. In fact, W&O received the 2020 Supplier Innovation Award by Austal for the creation of this Mendix application. An amazing recognition for the joint efforts put in by W&O and TimeSeries!