EndemolShine Group

Business Need
EndemolShine Group is a producer and distributor of media content from about 30 different countries. Global successes of the company are Big Brother, MasterChef and Deal or No Deal. EndemolShine wants to be the best global production company creating world-class content across all platforms.

EndemolShine Group uses Okta for Single Sign-on in different applications. Previously, users were managed in Active Directory which was not user-friendly nor easily adaptable to the needs of the company. In order to facilitate the invoicing process, they wanted custom-made reports that were generated automatically and sent to the relevant employees. The company also needed an easy way to manage users in a multi-device application.
The Mendix app is able to manage and provision/deprovision users with an interface to Okta. It creates reports automatically for internal invoicing and sends it to the designated employees. When users are provisioned for the Mendix app they can log in via Okta using SAML. The Mendix users can also log in using the standard login page with Multi-factor Authentication such as SMS, Google Authenticator and Okta Verify.
With our help, EndemolShine Group is now more in control of managing users in a multi-device application and is able to generate internal invoices to facilitate their billing process.