Business Need
At Oceanco's shipyards in The Netherlands, lots of employees and subcontractors are continuously building and servicing yachts. Construction materials are being delivered tot he shipyards non-stop, which means there is a constant movement of goods across the terrain. Materials are regularly misplaced, or worse, they get lost. This leads to a loss of time as people are searching for their materials. And as we all know, time is money.

Oceanco wanted to keep better track of both the location of the materials as well as their current state within predefined workflows. This allows the organization to save time on locating items and it will give them more insight into the progress of the construction process.
We have employed RFID technology to help Oceanco keep track of their materials as they are transported across the shipyards. RFID tags can be scanned contactless which means they don’t have to be touched or even physically visible. Materials can therefore be scanned automatically and in bulk as they move through RFID scanning gates. When an item is scanned, the location can be updated automatically. Materials are also marked with QR codes that can be scanned with a dedicated app. With this app employees can see the location history of an item, update its status, add comments and pictures and much more.
The implementation of our Smart Warehousing solution leads to higher efficiency, more transparency in the supply chain and great cost benefits, thus improving competitiveness. Our experience shows that this innovation, even in mature industries, has a great payoff. ROI is always less than six months.