E.ON (Revoltt)

Business Need

Revoltt is a company founded by two energy veterans. Their experience made them realize that there is a lot of potential in the energy market for consumers. They could save costs by switching energy contracts at the right time for the most optimal price.

Switching energy providers each year can save consumers a lot of money. The moment at which you change your provider influences the rates you will pay. Deciding when to switch can be very difficult and that is where the experience of the company’s founders comes to use. We created a unique algorithm that helps decide when to switch. This requires a lot of predictive and historical analyses and large volumes of data. An easy-to-use, strong and robust application is needed to convey this idea.


Revoltt came to us with the idea described above and wanted our help in creating a smart app that could provide exactly this. Combining their market expertise with our Rapid Application Development skills, we were able to come up with a viable solution and started working on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This MVP was created using an Agile process, with incremental change and the thought of creating a ‘potentially shippable product’ after every step.


In phase one we went live with this MVP product, in which we set out to explore and to try out new ideas; begin simple and then decide what functionality to expand. After having found the initial right path to take, the application was quickly built and finetuned for use. 

The current product has greatly improved: The customer only needs to provide their current energy provider’s annual settlement via WhatsApp, and Revoltt will input the customer’s data into the system and let the algorithm do its work. When the best price is found, the application will automatically request offers from multiple providers and provide the customer with the best one. All that is left to do for them is either accept or decline the offer. The application uses chatbots, machine learning and big data integrations, all combined with the Mendix platform for a seamless user-friendly app experience!