KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen


KRVE was founded in 1895. Back then, rowboats were used to manually secure and loosen ropes of vessels coming in the port of Rotterdam. Today, the association has an ultra-modern fleet of about 60 vessels and each boatman is a fully qualified skipper.

In 2007, there was a big accident in the Rotterdam Port when a vessel broke loose of its mooring lines. KRVE developed a device to increase safety when mooring a vessel, called ShoreTension. Sensors are an integral part of the device gathering all kinds of data, such as tension on the mooring lines, pressure, distance, etc.


The data from the ShoreTensions is stored and analyzed using the TimeSeries IoT platform. The IoT platform proactively monitors all data streams coming from the ShoreTension and fires an alert when anomalies are detected. TimeSeries developed an application, which enables everyone around the world involved in the mooring process with a ShoreTension, ranging from captain to KRVE personnel, to remotely monitor their ShoreTension systems in a mobile or desktop application.



The application ensures safe mooring and gives all stakeholders a real-time view on the stability of the ship. The dashboards are now an integral part of the ShoreTension product offering. Furthermore, by collecting data about the behavior of the ShoreTensions around the world KRVE starts to gain more and more insight into how to improve and maintain these devices. Next steps include collecting data from other KRVE assets such as the vessels used during the mooring procedures.