Workflow for SLM

Siemens GP field service engineers are responsible for maintaining physical assets, such as windmills, they regularly need to replace parts. When they are about to do this they need to use SAP to check inventory levels to make sure the part is available. If this is the case they need to take the part and decrease the inventory level in SAP. Once that is done, they need to login to Siemens Teamcenter where they need to update the serial number of the part in the as maintained bill of materials. Having to use these two complex systems for such a simple task on a daily basis is a burden. This often results in out of date bills of materials as it simply is too much work to keep everything up-to-date.






By placing Mendix on top of Siemens Teamcenter and SAP we make information from both Siemens Teamcenter and SAP available in a modern app platform. We have built an integrated application in which the field service engineer can replace parts of the physical machine. With one push of a button the SAP inventory levels are updated and the bill of materials is updated in Siemens Teamcenter.


The application is implemented using user experience as a key focus point which means it is now very easy for users to execute their daily tasks. The time saved by making these tasks easier can be spent on tasks which are much more valuable to execute. The result is an accurate inventory and an optimal digital twin which reflects the state of the asset in the physical world. This reduces the amount of stock items which are lost or unaccounted for. It also makes the bills of materials more reliable thereby improving the overall maintenance process.



Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the solution we built for Siemens.