SMRT Projects is a software solution which is used by many organizations. Ranging from shipyards, oil & gas, fabricators, aircraft repair services, construction industrial services, logistics to retail.

In business operations, practice shows that the Hands On Tool Time (HOTT) is usually no more than 30%. Workers spend a lot of time searching for items, taking inventory, doing administration and rework. All because it is often unknown where items are placed. What if you can follow the material (where did it go, what is its status, does this delivery have all the items that it says it has, what items are in this container)? And all of this without having to check everything manually…


SMRT Projects delivers an out-of-the-box software platform for material management, including hardware. It is a solution that tracks and traces material to improve the collaboration and registration in the supply chain. By using RFID technology in stickers with a build-in antenna, it is possible to uniquely identify items from a distance of 3-5 meters. Together with TimeSeries, SMRT Projects developed a software platform which registers all items and their events, like locations and possible damages with necessary documents. Also, it makes it possible to check a delivery in a split second, to check the inventory and to keep track of all items. It works on smartphones, tablets, RFID gates and mobile RFID and barcode readers. By employing a unique autolocation algorithm the software of SMRT Projects can automatically determine where items are located in a warehouse. TimeSeries develops and manages the source code of the platform and maintains, adjusts and implements the software. The software contains an API, so it can be linked to ERP, warehouse management or CAD software.


The software makes the supply chain more transparent and improves traceability. As a result, organizations are able to work 10 percent more efficient with regards to operational hours. Depending on the scale of the operations, savings may contribute in the range of hundreds to thousands of man-hours.