Solomon Group

Service Provider
Business Need

Solomon offers all of the essential services needed to create spectacular live events, brand activations, themed attractions, broadcast environments and architainment projects for a broad range of industries. All of it under one roof. 

In 2014 and 2015, Solomon Group was listed in the Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. It was named one of the nation’s Top Media Companies. What began with just three partners and two employees, has grown into a company with over 160 fulltime and parttime staff members.

Solomon uses Mendix apps to, amongst other things, provide payment options for their customers. These options include digital bank transfers and payment via a hardware device. To implement these payment options, custom widgets were needed to charge credit cards via hardware devices and via online payment options.


We have built multiple widgets which are able to read credit card data when swiping the card through a hardware device. The data from these cards then is used to process payments, seeing if all of Solomon’s payments are registered and maintained in a Mendix app. To connect to online payment options, a custom widget was built to connect to Plaid, an online payment service. This widget is being used to send payment requests to Solomon’s customers via a Mendix app.


Because the widgets were built in very little time, it was much more effective than using other platforms to create similar functionality. Eventually, that option would also need more work to implement the necessary changes in the Mendix apps. Combining the widgets and the processing of the information into one app, Solomon’s workflow is more clear, fluent and performs extremely well!