Installation and Facility Management
Business Need

We spend over 90% of our lives inside buildings. This number will only increase due to urbanization. The expectation is that 60% of human life will be spend in cities by 2030. However, research shows that most buildings (more than 70%) does not perform as they were designed. This has proven to be problematic. Until now!

In order to create a healthier world, VitaTech uses data and smart apps within their VitaConnect ecosystem to connect all parties involved. This ecosystem enables real estate managers, Facility Management (FM) companies and facility managers to monitor, manage, maintain and optimize their buildings as never before. For more information about VitaTech, click here.


VitaTech partnered with TimeSeries to offer a wide range of customizable solutions to its customers, like a ticketing system which is integrated with automated planning, intelligent financial insights and predictive maintenance on an extremely detailed level. Integrated into VitaConnect is VitaEnergy, a tool that provides valuable real-time insights into a buildings energy consumption and its energy label.

As of 2008, the Dutch authorities demand energy labels for commercial buildings to monitor a buildings footprint and consumption. Currently, these energy labels are determined at one moment in time by a certified advisor and are based on estimated energy consumption. Together, we changed this into a real-time measuring tool within VitaEnergy.


VitaEnergy, a part of the VitaConnect platform, is powered by TimeSeries’ Intelligent Energy Insight solution and was expanded with a new feature: calculating an energy label. With this new addition we can calculate the energy label based on actual consumption and compare it against the assigned energy label. This has two advantages; the calculation of an energy label will be more accurate and a user can continuously track whether the building performs according to its energy label. From now on, VitaTech can proof if a building performs as it was designed.