Corona Radar: fight against COVID-19

The number of COVID-19 infections is growing rapidly and not everyone with symptoms is being tested. To effectively fight the virus, it is important to have a clear understanding of how the virus is spreading, both geographically and over time. We have used the low-code platform Mendix to develop a mobile application which allows government agencies, healthcare institutions and research centers to map the spread of COVID-19 related health issues amongst the population in real-time. 

During the past week, our developers have worked around the clock to develop the mobile application “Corona Radar”. The app can be used to ask large portions of the population a few questions about COVID-19 related health issues on a daily basis. The questions can be changed, based on the requirements of the institutions which employ this solution. When deployed on a large scale, such as an entire state or country, this will lead to huge amounts of valuable data. 

Based on our years of experience in Big Data solutions we have used a highly scalable architecture to capture and store the data. Mendix is used to create a native mobile app which will trigger users to fill in the questionnaire every day using push notifications. The data is being collected in Big Data technology so analyses can be executed on a massive scale. The result is a scalable solution that provides real-time insight into the geographical spread of health issues among the population. The entire setup has been performance tested and has proven to be able to handle millions of questionnaires per hour.

TimeSeries strongly believes that government agencies, healthcare institutions and research centers see the value in this solution and will start using this to collect valuable data in the fight against the virus To be clear, TimeSeries is a technology firm focused on smart apps tackling big data challenges. By enabling federal and local government as well as health organizations, Siemens, Mendix and TimeSeries directly contribute to fight COVID-19. 

Corona Radar – application:

Corona Radar – map

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March 24, 2020
Jethro Borsje