Webinar: Going Mobile with Mendix Native

What can you can expect when you are planning to develop a Mendix Native app and why NOW the best time is to consider building a Mendix Native app? Watch the recording of our webinar about Mendix Native by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

With the Mendix 8 release last year, developers now have the capability to true native apps. These apps bring the Mendix platform to a whole new level when it comes to mobile and offline ready apps. In a world where more mobile connections are registered than inhabitants, mobile apps are key in every digital strategy. Did you recently order a package and were you able to track it from door to door with a mobile app? Have you ever been in the position of refreshing your train schedule every second when there is a delay? You might have done this through an app as well. Implementing a mobile strategy is now more important than ever. 

On June 30th of this year, Apple’s new guideline on iOS app approval came into effect. The guideline describes that Apple will only accept iOS apps into its App Store which are built with at least the iOS 13 SDK. This might affect your organization when you are working on a Mendix application built on top of the Mendix Hybrid app technology. This means that there is a technical need to upgrade your app which, again, will open a whole new world of mobile capabilities to your business.

The TimeSeries Mobile App Factory helps you with developing the best native experience on mobile phones and tablets. The power of the low-code Mendix platform is combined with the best knowledge in the field on how to build Native apps. Together we can migrate existing Mendix apps based on the hybrid platform to a new Native template or build a completely new Native app. As you might have read or heard, apps built with Adobe PhoneGap Build will no longer be accepted in the Apple App Store. 

Recording of the webinar

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