Webinar: Low-code Smart Apps for the Logistics Industry

An interactive presentation and demonstration of TimeSeries, the Smart App Suite, low-code platform Mendix and Logistics & Transportation use cases. You can watch the recording of our Logistics & Transportation webinar by filling out the form below.

As a leading Mendix and Siemens partner, TimeSeries has aided many of the world’s leading Logistics & Transportation organizations in their implementation of the Mendix platform, from guided application builds to consulting practices to stand up low-code Centers of Excellence. 

Based on this experience, the TimeSeries team has created the Smart App Suite for companies to rapidly see results with fully customizable Smart App Templates and quick starts. These pre-built templates combine the ease of use of off-the-shelf solutions with the configurability of custom builds, ideal for creating the needed operational efficiencies necessary to win in today’s forward thinking logistics industry. 

TimeSeries Logistics and Transportation experience and domains include: Field services and repairs, automated planning and asset optimization, field services planning, unloading and loading efficiency, smart warehousing, tracking and tracing assets, native mobile apps for inspections, picking-orders and (industrial) scanning, and more.

Recording of the webinar

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