Webinar: Digitize your manufacturing processes

December 3rd’s agenda of webinar for the manufacturing industry:

  • The latest manufacturing industry technology trends.
  • Why you should consider low-code for custom software development.
  • How off-the-shelf manufacturing templates help you to achieve higher levels of performance and productivity.
  • How our low-code application templates enable digital transformation.
  • How your fellow business leaders such as Mitsubishi implemented one of our industry solutions.

As a leading Siemens partner, TimeSeries has been closely involved in the integration of the Mendix low-code platform within Siemens’ solution landscape. During this process, the need for industry-specific, pre-built low-code templates became abundantly clear. 

As a result, TimeSeries has created the Manufacturing Suite. This suite contains industry-specific pre-built templates which combine the ease of using off-the-shelf solutions with the configurability of custom builds. Ideal for the rapid innovation necessary for today’s digital manufacturing industry.

Recording of the webinar

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