Webinar: Low-code Smart Apps for the Marine Industry

On April 22nd, we organized a webinar for the Marine Industry. Jan van Os, Vice President Marine Industry at Siemens, was our guest speaker explained the industry trends. You can watch the webinar by filling out the form below:

TimeSeries has created the Marine Suite for Naval, Commercial, and Yacht a& Leisure shipbuilders, as well as Marine Suppliers. These pre-built templates combine the ease of use of off-the-shelf solutions with the configurability of custom builds, ideal for the rapid innovation necessary for today’s digital shipbuilding industry. 

Templates include: Inclination Test Preparation, Smart Warehousing, Inspections, Noise Detections, Issue Management, Predictive Maintenance, Cable Wiring, Field Service Planning, and more. For more information about our Marine Suite, click here.

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Introduction to TimeSeries
  • Overview of the Mendix low-code platform
  • The Digital Marine Industry with Jan van Os, Vice President Marine Industrie at Siemens DI
  • Marine Suite with Jethro Borsje, CTO at TimeSeries
  • Demo
  • Live Q&A

Recording of the webinar

Fill out the form below to watch the webinar: