Webinar: Smart App Templates for the Medical Devices Industry

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As a leading Siemens and Mendix partner, TimeSeries has worked with a global medical device contract manufacturer, Orchid on their implementation of the Mendix platform and TimeSeries smart applications. TimeSeries has been able to build custom applications that can integrate with systems that are already in place to help solve some of the biggest issues the industry faces.

TimeSeries has created the Life Sciences Smart App Suite specifically for the Medical Devices industry. These pre-built templates combine the ease of use of off-the-shelf solutions with the configurability of custom builds, ideal for the rapid innovation necessary for today’s demands. In this webinar, we will explore the templates we created specifically in the Medical Devices industry, how Orchid found success with smart applications and TimeSeries, and how you might be able to do the same!

Templates include: UDI Submission Management, Regulatory Compliance, Intelligent Insight, Employee Shift Rostering, and more!

Watch the webinar for an inside look from our account executive who specializes in this industry to see how Orchid made the shift into low-code with TimeSeries, and learn about some template options that might work for you.

We went over the following topics:

  • Introduction to TimeSeries & Mendix
  • Overview of our Life Sciences Smart App Templates
  • Live walkthrough on our website and a short demo
  • An Account Executive’s view of the Orchid case 
  • How to get started with TimeSeries?

Watch the recording

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