Webinar: Partner to Partner program

For Siemens low-code platform Mendix

You can watch the recording of webinar about our Partner to Partner program below:

Since Siemens completed its acquisition of Mendix, the leading low-code application development platform, many technology and services Siemens partners have been wondering how they might be able to bring this exciting technology to their customers and prospects.

As a result, TimeSeries, the #1 Mendix innovation and expert services partner and an official Siemens reseller of Mendix, has created its Partner to Partner program for Siemens low-code platform Mendix, to do exactly that!

With over 250 years of accumulated experience with Mendix, TimeSeries Partner to Partner program is the fastest and easiest way to introduce the Mendix platform to your (prospective) customers, while making your own business smarter as well.

Please join this 45-minute webinar on Thursday November 19th at 10AM EDT / 4PM CET if you want to learn more about this program.


  • Introductions, incl. guest speaker from Siemens
  • Introduction to TimeSeries
  • Siemens low-code platform Mendix and applications
  • Partner to Partner program
    – What is it and why is it important?
    – For whom is this program?
    – How do we mutually succeed and start?
  • Live Q&A