Webinar: Predictive Maintenance

During this webinar we discussed the lessons which Alderik Bos, CEO of Liftinsight, has learned when he started his journey of making every elevator a connected elevator. Alderik is an experienced entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of the elevator market specifically and the proptech industry in general. He shared his knowledge on how to go from selling a sensor to a smart solution to monitor and maintain equipment. You can watch the recording of this (Dutch!) webinar about Predictive Maintenance when filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Until recently, many IoT business cases were unachievable. Due to decreasing costs of both connectivity and hardware, IoT Technology is becoming an opportunity for many companies worldwide. There are many applications of IoT such as real-time monitoring, fault detection and predictive maintenance which can decrease costs and increase operational efficiency. IoT data can even be used to improve the technical design of equipment when it is tied back into the engineering process using a closed loop digital twin.

TimeSeries has a track record in using Big Data, Machine Learning and AI algorithms in combination with the low-code platform Mendix to unleash the value of IoT.

Customer case – Liftinsight

Recording of the webinar

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