Webinar: Smart App Templates for the Energy & Utilities industry

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As a leading Mendix and Siemens partner, TimeSeries has aided many of the world’s leading Energy & Utilities and Oil & Gas organizations in their implementation of the Mendix platform, from guided application builds to consulting practices to stand up low-code Centers of Excellence.

TimeSeries has been founded with a focus on the utilities industry and has been closely involved in the integration of the Mendix low-code platform within Siemens’ solution landscape. During this process, the demand for industry-specific, pre-built Smart application templates has heavily increased.

TimeSeries has created the Energy & Utilities Smart App Suite for energy and utilities companies and 3rd party suppliers globally. These pre-built templates combine the ease of use of off-the-shelf solutions with the configurability of custom builds, ideal for the rapid innovation necessary for today’s energy & utilities industry. 

Our energy and utilities experience and domains include: Intelligent Energy Insight, Meter Data Management, Grid balancing management, Field Service Planning, Predictive Maintenance, Renewable Energy Distribution and Spare Parts Replacement, Customer Self-Service. For more information about our Energy Suite, click here.

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