TimeSeries wins Siemens case at MxWorld Hackathon

During the Mendix World Hackathon, Siemens challenged all teams by asking them to develop one important missing link in the Mendix platform: Bluetooth Connectivity.

TimeSeries wins Siemens case at MxWorld hackathon

Bluetooth Connectivity was the missing part in the application landscape of Siemens that would enable them to let the Siemens Factory workers perform numerous measurements on the factory floor efficiently.

During the Mendix World hackathon, the TimeSeries team ‘It’s about TimeSeries’ created a bluetooth connectivity module that is now available in the Mendix App Store. The module includes everything you need to connect your Mendix app to any Bluetooth device you can imagine. It is backwards compatible and supports versions prior to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (v4+). With this awesome new module, the gauge provided by Siemens in the hackathon went from just a gauge to a smart device that directly sends measurements to the Siemens backend and into Siemens MindSphere. This makes TimeSeries the first to create this solution with the Mendix platform.

Not only does this module fix the missing part of connectivity in Mendix, it might change the way blue-collar workers perform their day-to-day activities. From a paper driven, manual approach, to a smart solution provided by TimeSeries, Siemens and Mendix.

The ‘It’s about TimeSeries’ team consisted of Mikael Verhoef, Adnan Ramlawi, Harrald Spooren and myself.

April 16, 2019
Freek Brinkhuis