Hardware Integration Accelerators

We combined our expert developers to generate reusable building blocks, which we call Mendix Accelerators. These building blocks accelerate your application development. These are high-quality building blocks that have proven themselves in many Mendix applications. Scroll down and see our Hardware Integration Mendix accelerators.

Label printers

  • Print labels on industrial grade printers from Toshiba, Zebra, and others
  • Support barcodes and QR codes
  • Support RFID tags

Mendix accelerator: Label printer

RFID stationary scanners

  • Integrate with LLRP supported stationary RFID scanners
  • Ability to scan in continuous mode
  • Support for an inventory scanning mode, which stops automatically when all items are scanned

RFID Handheld scanner

  • Ability to connect any smartphone to a handheld rfid scanner using bluetooth
  • Scan items using the hardware trigger and immediately process the results in the app
  • Perfect for managing your inventory with one sweep or quickly locating an item

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    Hardware Integration Accelerators