Innovative, Next Level Experience Accelerators

We combined our expert developers to generate reusable building blocks, which we call Mendix Accelerators. These building blocks accelerate your application development. These are high-quality building blocks that have proven themselves in many Mendix applications. Scroll down and see our innovative, next level experience Mendix accelerators.

WhatsApp Integration

  • Sending WhatsApp messages to users
  • Receiving WhatsApp messages within the application
  • Creating a WhatsApp message bot
  • Makes use of Twillio API

Offline Interactive PDF Map Support

  • Load a PDF with your map and extend with your own coordinate system
  • Load markers and connect Click Events to the markers
  • Works offline
  • Watch demo video

Passport / ID Scanning Tools

  • Connect with the DataChecker services to validate almost every available ID-Document
  • Get direct feedback by using the camera input of your clients phone

Liveness Check

  • Prevent identity theft by checking if your user is a real person
  • Verify identity with a 3D face scan
  • Detect spoof/phishing
  • ISO 30107-3 Level 1 and Level 2 certification (spoof detection)

Google Assistant Integration

  • Connect your app with Google Assistant and use your voice to get the job done
  • Create rich conversations with Google to integrate with your application
  • Easily extend your Assistant with new capabilities

QR Scanners for browsers

  • Run a QR scanner based on the webcam of a laptop or camera of a mobile phone
  • Works outside PhoneGap (in contrary to the App Store module)
  • Add an animation “on scan” as visual user feedback.
  • Scans: EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, RSS-14, QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF 417
  • On iOS the widget only works in Safari, but for PhoneGap and React Native a fallback is provided (constraint by Apple to block usage of the camera outside their own apps)

Screen Recorder

  • Record user actions
  • Store user sessions in Mendix
  • Facilitate support

Mendix Walkthrough accelerator

Mendix Walkthrough

  • Interactive visual explanation of the functionality in Mendix apps
  • Configure a dynamic or static walkthrough of a feature(s) of an application


Shopping Cart

  • Implement a shopping experience into an application
  • Domain model that supports the cart, line items and product catalogue
  • Cart slide-out panel that conveniently shows/hides the cart and contents
  • Overview pages for the product catalogue
  • Layout that adds cart to the navigation bar

Mendix accelerator - shopping cart

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    Innovative, Next Level Experience Accelerators