Mendix Consultant

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Job Description

As a Mendix Consultant, you know your way around the tools of the trade, especially the Rapid Application Development platform Mendix. 

You’re able to build beautiful, user friendly and flexible apps that augment our clients’ business, enhance their processes and helping them get and stay ahead of competition. As part of our Rapid Application Development team, you know how to communicate well with clients, eliciting their wishes and requirements, and develop Mendix apps in small, multidisciplinary teams.

To really supercharge your Mendix apps, you can use TimeSeries’ own Big Data / Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence platform! Unleash possibilities that the Mendix platform hasn’t seen before. Create innovative apps around context-driven data, use the platform to analyze and predict collections of (un)structured data and apply machine learning mechanisms to create really innovative apps that amazes both customers and yourself!

What we’re looking for

You love to develop creative, innovative apps
You are a creative thinker and like to create beautiful applications that make the world run better. TimeSeries builds wonderful applications that enhance our customers’ business and put broad smiles on the faces of their users. We’ll make a great match! 

You have completed a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree
Preferably IT related like Computer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Information Management et cetera, but other backgrounds are most welcome too! 

Your brains!
No, we’re not zombies. We’re looking for the best people on the market, those that want to learn, those brilliant minds that dare to experiment with technology! We constantly develop and improve ourselves, so we need you to be curious and wanting to learn.

You have 2 to 4 years of professional working experience in IT or related fields of work 

You have 1 to 3 years of Mendix experience, preferably having passed the Mendix Advanced Developer certification
Haven’t got your Mendix certification yet? No problem, let’s work on it together! 

You are preferably experienced in IT topics related to software development and want to specialize yourself further 
Examples are systems architecture, integration, mobile development and user experience design. 

You have a winner’s mentality and like to work within a team!

Our Perks

Flexible hours
Adjust your plan to work efficiently.
Best hardware
We will provide you with the best equipment for the job.
Start your adventure with guidance and support from an experienced mentor from the first day.
Remote work
Get things done – from home or an office.
And software
We like to work with the best software suited for your role.
Growth budget
Pick your conference or training of choice to learn & travel around the world.
Career path
Opportunities for professional development, a promotion and a pay rise.
Lunch included
Fruits, beverages and your favourite tasty treats…
Good coffee
You’ll be awake in no time!
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The team

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Dirk Blaauw
Business Line Manager / Architect / Senior Mendix Consultant
Danny Hildebrand
Senior Mendix Consultant
Luke Karlovich
Mendix Consultant
Ramli Somers
Senior Mendix Consultant
Daniël Andel
Mendix Consultant
Thomas de Lyon
Mendix Consultant
Marne van Wijk
Senior Mendix Consultant
Chris Blom
Senior Software Engineer