Kickstarting my career: a year at TimeSeries

Exactly one year ago, I was ready. Ready to conquer the job market. Diplomas in my pocket and some sense of into which direction I wanted to head. Yet, my broadly oriented education left lots of loose ends regarding job choices.

Mendix Traineeship

After my first encounter with Rapid Application Development, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Building custom apps at the speed of light in close collaboration with customers seemed both a technical and business challenge. An ideal combination!

Choices, choices

First up: platform choice. Twenty-something minutes of search engine activity were enough to discover that there are two main players in this market: Mendix (founded by Dutchies) and OutSystems (with Portuguese roots). Mendix managed to grab my attention a little more as it had just been acquired by Siemens for $730 million. And also, there’s patriotism. Next selection: partner companies. Acknowledged for their work with the platform, a Mendix partner seemed the only logical place to work. I had a few checkboxes on my company wish list: working with experts in the field, fun and knowledgeable colleagues, boosting personal growth, and an informal work culture. Another Googling-masterpiece found me this company in no-time: TimeSeries! And it offered a Mendix Traineeship!

Mendix traineeship

My first weeks as a Mendix trainee were both informative and fun. A mentor guided me whenever necessary, yet I had the time to figure things out on my own. As I was getting acquainted with the platform and my new colleagues, it was clear I’d made the right choice. When I had covered the basics of Mendix, five weeks in, I had the chance to get four weeks of developing and consulting experience on a client project, with guidance from one of our senior consultants. This illustrates one of the things I liked about the Mendix traineeship, and about TimeSeries in general. When you put in effort and show you really want to learn and develop yourself, they will give you opportunities to do so. If something sparks your interest, and you can elaborate that mastering this subject will help you become a better consultant, you will be encouraged to pursue this. 

My first client!

After four months of training and projects, it was time for my first client as a junior Mendix consultant. Together with one of our senior consultants, this place would turn out to be my workplace for the next eight months. I would contribute to four different apps, of which two were my ‘own’ projects, meaning I was the only developer responsible for the technicalities (with the occasional inspection by one of our experts). Needless to say, this time taught me a lot about both the technical and personal side of being a Mendix consultant.  

There’s more…

However, there’s more besides work. One of the things that drew me to TimeSeries is the inexhaustible effort of Michel and Erik (the founders) to keep all employees satisfied. This echoes throughout the entire organization, which makes it a really pleasant place to work. There is an infinite number of examples to illustrate this, but I’ll just name a few. We have a different monthly activity, initiated by employees, from sports-clinics to boat trips to VR lasergaming. There is both a summer and winter event where fun activities and alcoholic beverages share the spotlight, before everyone’s head hit their hotel pillows with content. And of course, to top it all off, there’s the yearly ski trip to Austria, of which I hope to enjoy many more.

Fast-forwarding to today, I can say it’s been a very productive and fun year. Having worked at three different clients and six projects helped me obtain a thorough understanding of both Mendix and (IT) consulting. I can only imagine where I’ll be five years from now, but it is unimaginable that’s not at TimeSeries.

TimeSeries in-house day

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September 11, 2019
Dave Timmer