Low-code Mendix applications for the Energy & Utilities industry

The investment in and adoption of renewable energy is steadily increasing, with new technologies emerging faster than ever. Global climate change influences the way we both consume and produce energy, making balancing the grid and predicting the amount of energy needed and used more difficult. 

TimeSeries Energy Suite

As more energy data becomes available using IoT technology, energy and utilities companies can leverage digital transformation not only to increase operational efficiency but also to deploy new business models.

Energy and utilities firms need to embrace innovation challenges that allow them to digitally design, build and operate smarter assets and facilities which support business and operational excellence. As market dynamics change, there is increased pressure to do this quickly and react to changes faster to meet demand. The question is – how?

Low-code development to the rescue

Standardizing on an enterprise-grade application platform to drive digital transformation is key to move forward. This allows companies to stay in control while at the same time innovating at a much faster pace. The Siemens Mendix low-code application development platform allows companies to accelerate their speed of innovation using industry-wide best practices and reusable building blocks.

Mendix is a low-code app development platform that allows developers to model an application rather than code every feature, user interface and integration. It speeds up enterprise application creation across the entire software development lifecycle from the initial idea to continuous management of the application landscape. 

Key capabilities of Mendix include:

  • Short development cycle
  • Flexible change management
  • Focus on user interface/user experience (UI/UX)
  • Support for both web and mobile applications
  • Integration via APIs
  • Out of the box connectors for many enterprise applications such as TeamcenterMindSphere and SAP

Low-code application templates

We at TimeSeries used Mendix to create several industry-specific templates that can help increase the speed of innovation even more. These templates can be used as quickstarts to facilitate industry-specific use cases. Every template can be customized using Mendix to fit the specific business processes of our customers.

  • Meter Data Management: Gather, process and store data from smart and conventional meters;
  • Grid Balance Management: Help TSO’s and grid operators in balance management by managing all supply and demand related data streams
  • Building Energy Management: Benchmark individual buildings against each other, based on their energy consumption data
  • Renewable Energy Distribution: See how sustainable companies are by matching renewable energy production with demand in real-time
  • Spare parts replacement: Keep your ‘as maintained Bill of Materials’ and spare parts inventory up to date!
  • Predictive maintenance: Monitor the performance of physical assets, such as windmills or solar panels, and determine when maintenance of specific components is needed
  • Field Service Planning: Automatically plan field service engineers based on SLA’s, certifications and availability

Applying low-code to the energy and utilities industry

Watch this on-demand webinar specifically for the Energy and Utilities industry and the video below for examples of how energy data can be visualized using Smart Suite for Energy application that TimeSeries created with Mendix. More information about Mendix in the Energy and Utilities industry can be found on the TimeSeries website

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July 24, 2020
Jethro Borsje