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At TimeSeries, we are Black Belts in Smart App development. We develop intelligent and proactive business applications that help our clients all over the world to work faster, perform better and stay ahead of competition!

We do this by combining the rapid application development features of the Mendix application Platform as a Service with cutting edge technologies like IoT, Big Data, RFID, AI and Blockchain.

TimeSeries has been a Mendix Expert Partner since 2015 and employs the most Expert-level certified Mendix consultants in the Mendix community. We actively speak at conferences, higher educational institutes, participate in and win hackathons and won the Mendix Most Innovative Solution 2017 Award!

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What is Mendix?
Mendix is the world’s leading low-code Platform as a Service. Companies all over the world use the Mendix application development platform to rapidly develop Enterprise-grade applications for desktop, tablet and mobile. Mendix was founded in Rotterdam (NL) in 2005 and has gained thousands of customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies.

The Mendix platform focuses on model driven development, visual development of data models, user functionality and user interfaces to quickly build applications. The visual development aspect enables a Mendix consultant to bridge the gap between Business and IT quickly, as both can read and understand the functionality that is built.

This leads to a higher First Time Right rate when developing apps, faster development (up to five times the speed of traditional Java and .NET development) and smaller teams, which lead to a lower total cost of ownership.

Mendix is lauded as a Leader in both Low-code Productivity Platforms and Mobile Development markets in the Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Wave Reports. Read more about it here.
TimeSeries and Mendix Awards

Mendix Most Innovative Solution - Winners

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UWV/SVB Hackathon 2017 - Winners

World Port Hackathon 2017 - Finalists

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Mendix World Hackathon 2016 (ISS Facility Services) - Winners