Mendix App Monitoring


Keeping track of performance, stability and availability of your Mendix application landscape can be a time consuming task. One or two applications are usually still manageable, but once you are dealing with a (complex) multi-app landscape, monitoring becomes increasingly hard. Log files tend to spread across different locations and performance metrics are often absent or decentralized. This results in application management being a reactive process instead of proactively resolving issues before they start to cause production issues.


Mendix App Monitoring

TimeSeries’ Mendix App Monitoring gives you a centralized and out-of-the box foundation for your multi-app landscape. It is possible to connect to your applications, whether they are hosted on-premise or in the Mendix cloud. It also allows to monitor non-Mendix components such as the availability and performance of external API endpoints. A common requirement for Enterprise grade applications is to keep track of important data mutations. With the Audit Trail component of our Mendix App Monitoring you are able to see who is responsible for which change in your application, why a certain object is in a certain state and you are able to get a history of each object. We store all these data in our own Big Data platform, thereby not impacting performance of the Mendix applications themselves.


TimeSeries’ Mendix App Monitoring solves many challenges faced by organizations with large Mendix application landscapes.

ChallengeTimeSeries Mendix App Monitoring
Performance issues in the individual app containers by an overload of monitoring data and processes.TimeSeries Mendix App Monitoring is up to 5 times faster than the default audit trail module.
The need to individually and manually monitor several app containers.Coherent across applications.
A cumbersome and potentially incomplete audit logging system.Consistent and reliable audit logging.
A reactive approach to managing errors missing fixes before they become problems.A proactive approach to managing errors creating fixes before they become problems.
Tedious manual analysis instead of automatic phrasing and interpretation.Automatic analysis and highlighting.
No means to monitor functional errors that can have significant impact on business availability.Linking business technical statistics and understanding their dependencies.
No monitoring on external dependencies.Monitor external resources such as API’s (i.e. credit score service).

Mendix App Monitoring provides organizations with a centralized and out-of-the-box foundation for multi-app landscapes.

Audit trail
Storing all data mutations of many apps in one location for auditability and traceability purposes.
Log consolidation
Gathering log files of many applications and storing them in one place in order to facilitate debugging
Error detection
Automated detection of errors in your technical infrastructure
Pro-active notifications
Pro-active alerts about the state of your infrastructure, allowing operation teams to prevent issues
Functional metrics
Create dashboards based on functional application metrics such as “the increase in number of sales orders over time”
Technical metrics
Keep track of technical metrics such as memory consumption, database connections, etc.

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