Partner to Partner program

Since Siemens completed its acquisition of Mendix, the leading low-code application development platform, many technology and services partners have been wondering how they might be able to bring this exciting technology to their customers and prospects. As a result, TimeSeries, the #1 Mendix innovation and expert services partner and an official Siemens reseller of Mendix, has created its Partner to Partner program.

Partner to Partner program


The Mendix low-code platform was created in 2005 to solve a problem that is still growing exponentially within businesses across all industries: in today’s software driven world, the demand for new applications greatly outweighs ITs ability to deliver on these demands. The solution to this problem is model-driven development, or low-code. Rather than using traditional development languages, low-code users create both web and mobile applications utilizing a simple drag and drop interface. This enables traditional developers to create much faster, non-technical users to actively participate in the development process, and, as a result, businesses to iterate and innovate at an accelerated pace. Siemens acquired Mendix to– in part– help bring new leading-edge industrial software solutions to market.

TimeSeries has over 250 years of accumulated experience partnering with Mendix and customers. They jointly build applications and create Mendix Centers of Excellence that ensure organizations will have long-term success with their low-code initiatives. With this expertise, the TimeSeries team has also created a Smart App Suite: pre-built templates that lower the barrier to start in Mendix by combining the ease of an off the shelf solution and flexibility of a custom-built solution, all with connectors to core systems (Teamcenter, SAP, etc.).

Current Siemens Teamcenter partners, please visit our Teamcenter page.
Current Siemens MindSphere partners, please visit our MindSphere page.

Partner to Partner program

The TimeSeries Partner to Partner program has been conceived as a way for experienced and technology and services partners to introduce their customers and prospects to the Mendix platform while leveraging the Mendix expertise of TimeSeries.

This partnership will encompass four key areas:

  • Select & Prospect: A partnership agreement with TimeSeries which will include jointly defining a shortlist of accounts and/or industry sub-verticals on which to focus. 
  • Qualify & Sell: Adopt best practices and proven sales methodologies for Mendix and the TimeSeries Smart App Suite. Licensing and administrative items will be done via TimeSeries, with a percentage of licenses credited to the partner
  • (Co)Delivery of Mendix Apps: Carefree app creation with an experienced team of Mendix consultants. Partners are able to focus on their expertise (Teamcenter, NX, Simcenter, MindSphere, etc.) while their customers accelerate the ability to build custom applications.
  • Support & Expand: Mendix App support is delivered by TimeSeries. The partner has no additional costs. The partner receives a percentage of any license expansion within the first 12 months of the first license. 

Why join the TimeSeries Partner to Partner program?

Customer benefits

  • Mendix quick starts shorten time to value (<30 days)
  • Simplify value proposition for customers
  • Risk mitigation: proven and easy (i.e. pilot package)
  • Low investment to prove this out, while having clarity around expansion
  • Leverage best practices in the industry, while being able to customize
  • Specialists and focus on Mendix (low-code)
  • New propositions and innovations, resulting in revenue and/or operational efficiency

Partner benefits

  • Increase revenue (streams) per customer with Mendix and TimeSeries licenses
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels
  • Shorten sales cycles and increase deal velocity
  • Improve predictability and repeatability: lower cost of sale
  • Risk mitigation: 250+ years of accumulated Mendix experience
  • Proven go-to-market propositions and processes
  • Simplify value proposition for customer
  • Ease of starting / proving this out
  • Time to value (< 30 days live)
  • Land with a clear expansion plan
  • Best practices for your customer: typically/naturally
  • Accelerate and improve time-to-market and go-to-market
  • Endorsed by Siemens

If you are interested in being a part of the TimeSeries Partner to Partner program, please contact TimeSeries via to learn more.

April 28, 2020
Andrew Castronovo