Smart App Factory

TimeSeries Smart App Factory combines the speed of low-code and innovation to reach the full potential of your digital enterprise.

TimeSeries is an expert company in Mendix application development, Big Data, IoT, RFID and Artificial Intelligence, delivering Mendix expertise to clients in Europe, United States and Canada.

Smart App Factory

IT as a value center

Historically, software, or IT, has always been perceived as a cost and not so much as a value driver. In recent years, enterprises have started to leverage software strategically. However, recent studies show that still only a small percentage had tapped into its full potential. TimeSeries Smart App Factory is designed to help you leverage modern technologies, like IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, with low-code at its center to reach your full potential. We do this through an closely involved process:


Ideas are the raw material for any successful digital enterprise. Helping to capture mature ideas into feasible projects.


The core of the factory combines development with operations, creating a smooth process to support and create value adding applications.


Measuring true value and adjusting for maximum effect is how you can successfully grow your portfolio.

While Ideate, DevOps and Value from the core of your Smart App Factory, it is not enough to be successful at scale. The more difficult thing to do is to integrate technologies and processes to support your organizational goals. We provide two additional factory services that do just that:

Enterprise Architecture

Integrating the right technologies needed to support your DevOps Team. Cut down overall cost (TCO) and inefficiencies.


Optimize and control your program by implementing training, processes, workshops and enabling your people to succeed.


Help optimize your app and team through understanding your current state on performance, best practices and platform proficiency.

App & Team

Optimizing starts with recognizing the issue that needs addressing. In some of the cases, you will already have identified these issues and in some cases they might still be dormant. In any case, you can leverage our scans which are based on common technology and business challenges we came across, towards your success. We categorize our scans into two main categories (App and Team), designed to address both the technical as well as the organizational side.


Health scan

Best practices are the foundation of any well programmed application. With low-code it can prove to be challenging as most best practices are based on traditional programming languages.

TimeSeries has partnered with Omnext to provide a fully automated and comprehensive low-code scanning capability to solve performance or security issues for example.


TimeSeries Health Scan

TimeSeries Performance Scan


Performance scan

Performance is one of the hardest things to track down. However, there are some basic solutions that will solve a lot of your challenges.

Whether it is a basic or more advanced issue, the performance scan will pinpoint the initial problem, so you can start working on solving it.


Enablement Scan

Building a strong team can be challenging, there are so many different areas of expertise not to get started on the consulting side that low-code demands of your people.

Getting a third-party assessment of your platform proficiency can help you make effective decisions on how to form your training program to unleash the low-code promise.

TimeSeries Enablement Scan


Design sprint


Initiate the project and create a shared vision on the application
Surprisingly, a lot of projects start without a proper sit-down to align on expectations with all parties involved. Additionally, we found that some systematic issues were known at the start, but only got addressed at the end, risking the go-to-market opportunity. Learning from these experiences we have developed a very effective and efficient workshop to mitigate a lot of the risks upfront and align expectations properly. This compliments the agile process and helps speed up the project during its lifecycle.


A sustainable stream of value adding projects to further organizational goals
Starting a project can be easy, but managing a program or portfolio of projects is generally challenging. Have our thought leaders join you in defining multiple projects and prioritizing them against the organizational goals.

Enterprise Architecture

Building a technical foundation for your organizational vision
Understanding and prioritizing technology can be a daunting task. At TimeSeries, we have a fully enabled R&D team as well as experienced architects that can help you pick the right technology at the right time. In this workshop, we document your needs and the technology fit. This is done through understanding your information architecture and making sure you have the right information at the right time.

Smart App Factory

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