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The market for low-code application development is growing exponentially. Enterprises worldwide use the Mendix platform to develop innovative business applications for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Mendix enables companies to create and implement disruptive business models to innovate and optimize their processes, leading to higher revenues, lower costs and risk mitigation.

TimeSeries is an expert company in Mendix application development, Big Data, IoT, RFID and Artificial Intelligence, delivering Mendix expertise to clients in Europe, United States and Canada.

TimeSeries University
Key challenge

One of the key challenges that companies face is the recruitment and training of new Mendix consultants that really know the ins and outs of the Mendix development platform. The platform gains popularity every day, which increases demand for experienced and well-trained Mendix consultants worldwide.

The basics of developing with Mendix itself can easily be learned. However, advanced topics like security, performance and complex integrations are vital for enterprise applications as well. That brings us to the following questions:

How do we train the enormous number of Mendix consultants that the world needs? And how do we ensure that new Mendix consultants learn not only to build applications quickly, but build them secure, robust and scalable as well?

TimeSeries University

In a period of six months, TimeSeries University helps you to train your staff in Mendix development. They will be able to participate in projects after just eight weeks, ensuring deep knowledge of Mendix matter and best practices. Your staff will be taught and guided by the best Mendix experts worldwide. They have helped companies create value through innovative solutions. They act as thought leaders in the Mendix community and create reusable Mendix building blocks like WhatsApp integration, conversational AI (Google Voice) and facial recognition.

After the initial training, TimeSeries’ Mendix experts guide and coach your employees while they’re gaining experience on the job. TimeSeries University includes both the Mendix Rapid Developer exam as well as the Mendix Advanced Developer exam.

Training process

In just eight weeks, TimeSeries University transforms someone with little to zero Mendix experience to a level that they can work on Mendix projects independently. Our training program, is a practical and case-driven approach to Mendix, Agile/Scrum and consultancy in general.

Each participant receives a personal itinerary that he/she completes at their own pace, but within the total time frame of eight weeks. A personal mentor will be appointed to every participant. An experienced Mendix consultant with several years of practical experience that helps guide them in the right direction, but leaves ample room for independent solving of the cases. This ensures that they learn how to build Mendix applications according to industry standards, but also teaches them to pick up user stories and requirements by themselves.

At the end of the program, he/she will be measured in terms of Mendix quality and understanding of the learning materials in a binding assessment. The assessment consists of a Mendix exam and presentation that he/she will give to three experienced Mendix examiners.

TimeSeries University - program
Cases and topics covered:
  • Basic and Advanced Mendix modeling techniques, including domain model, microflows, pages, snippets, deeplinks, regular expressions, widgets and App Store modules, data types, email templates, etc.;
  • Maintainability best practices;
  • Validation: Complex validations and setting up reusable validations;
  • Security: Prevent unauthorized access, limit data and page access, advanced security principles;
  • Calculations: Complex numerical and object status scenarios;
  • Anonymous users: Creating and securely handling anonymous user;
  • Integration: Web service consumption and exposing, advanced API/REST usage and integration tooling, building multiple Mendix applications that integrate;
  • CSS Styling in Mendix, working with SASS for generated CSS;
  • Scrum: Agile Scrum basics, setting up good user stories, acceptance criteria, how to deal with business rules, etc.;
  • Object Orientation: Object Orientation principles (Java and UML), setting up maintainable, high performing and secure Mendix domain models;
  • Consultancy skills: conversational skills, (non-)verbal communication, dealing with resistance, etc.;
  • And more.

TimeSeries University

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