Riddle Me Mendix

A challenging puzzle for all developers! I’d like to introduce you all to Derrek.

Riddle me Mendix - Derrek Kronenberg

Derrek is a young, enthusiastic professional living in the Netherlands. With a background in marketing and commerce he has had multiple jobs, but as he got older he was feeling more in need of a new challenge. So, recently he decided he wanted a new career and found the perfect company to apply at. Innovation is what drives the organization; Derrek was sold.

As Mendix enables business and developers to work together closely, he figured that this might be an excellent tool for him to use. He knew however, that the company he was applying for only hired the best of the best, so the interview was probably not going to be easy.

As it turned out, he aced the first interview! He had the right mentality and his affinity for IT was a big plus. Quickly after his first interview he was invited to return for a second interview. Only this time he was asked to finish a puzzle beforehand, one which should separate the wheat from the chaff. Time to see if he’s really as good as he claimed to be.

Sooo, long story short: he might need some help with this last interview. Can you help him get the job of a lifetime? Click here to get started right away (or visit http://riddlememendix.mxapps.io)! If you help him finish it, he might even buy you a coffee as a thank you!

May 22, 2018
Willem van Zantvoort