Siemens Opcenter

Siemens Opcenter EX is a suite of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) applications that helps Manufacturers produce high quality products in the most cost effective way. These include granular apps to digitize your processes with regard to material, personnel and quality execution and several common services like user management, access control and audit trail. Opcenter EX has a wide range of default configurations and settings to customize these applications to make them fit your needs.

Where Siemens Opcenter has off-the-shelf functionality and applications to digitize manufacturing processes based on industry demand, Mendix is a platform to develop modern and intuitive custom applications to digitize any process. With Mendix you can integrate with any system, like Siemens Opcenter, Teamcenter, MindSphere, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. to combine data and show just the necessary information to make the right decision. On top of that you are able to use the latest advancements in application development, like developing native offline applications, to send push notifications or for instance WhatsApp messages. 

As a Siemens Opcenter customer, Mendix is a great addition to develop applications that are fully aligned with your processes to maximize business value. In Mendix you can visualize specific data that has been created in Mendix or retrieved from external systems, to internal or external users on any device, online or with a true native offline experience. Native offline applications can use all mobile or tablet functionality (such as the camera (i.e. to scan or for proof), GPS or push notifications) and synced back at any moment when there is internet connection. With Mendix you are able to digitize any process which allows you to truly focus on what is most valuable to your business and customers.

Examples of use cases are: 

Production or Maintenance Order management
Whether you want to manage production or maintenance orders it is often an important and time consuming effort. People should be notified at the right time with the right data and results should be updated in external systems like your ERP or WMS. With Mendix we have developed a fully offline application which allowed our customer to manage their work orders fast and tailored to their process.  

Mobile Safety App
A mobile Safety App to report issues at exact locations in the factory including camera photos. 2D maps of the factory to indicate the location could help to clarify a situation. In the same application you could create posters, use the taken photos or add quotes, to prevent safety hazards in the future.  

Part Replacement App
As an engineer you want to maximize your time each day fixing assets to help out customers and minimize your paperwork. At TimeSeries we have developed a mobile application which engineers can use after replacing a part of an asset to update the bill of material (BOM) in your PLM and update your inventory in your WMS with one click on a button. As a result engineers don’t have to click through many pages and can do administrative work six times faster.

Quality Assurance App (based on real time production data) 
Make data available and standardize it so you can analyze it and create meaningful information. With Mendix you can integrate with almost anything, any IoT-sensor, ERP, PLM or for instance WMS, retrieve data to provide feedback or to make real time decisions. At TimeSeries we have integrated with many types of hardware like a scan tunnel to provide real time feedback about the completeness of packages or a weigh scale to provide instant feedback about possible weight deviations from customer requirements, significantly improving the quality of the delivered products.

With Mendix on top of Siemens Opcenter you have the software to fully digitize your processes and run the factory of the future, now. At TimeSeries we notice that many organizations in the manufacturing industry have this vision and want to work towards this future but have the challenge of starting. This is what we excel at, at TimeSeries, to help you find, design and realize a valuable digitization project. It all starts with finding a key performance indicator (KPI) which can be improved with a project. Together with your knowledge of the business and our knowledge of IT projects we can discover a small project improving a KPI. All it takes is a discovery call of an hour to find out how you could start getting results, schedule a call today with one of our colleagues, send an email to and we will respond within a working day!