Siemens Teamcenter

Teamcenter software by Siemens is a modern, adaptable Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that connects people and processes, across functional silos. Teamcenter focuses on taking control of product data and processes, including 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation and your Bill of Materials (BOM).

If you are using Teamcenter, you probably will recognize the need to:

  • Connect Teamcenter data with any ERP, i.e. SAP and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Improve the user experience, including (offline) mobile access and ease of use
  • Automate and add workflows and functionality that make your organization unique
  • Extend your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Services Life Cycle Management capabilities (SLM)

Ultimately, you are looking for a way to increase operational efficiency by entering and adjusting data once, while it is automatically synced and updated elsewhere. Less errors and more automation of your unique business processes. You are also looking to offer new services to your customers around your physical assets, i.e. aftermarket service offerings.

If this sounds familiar, then we recommend leveraging the Mendix low-code platform to rapidly deliver unique web and mobile applications tightly integrated with Teamcenter, SAP, and other back-end data sources. Specifically, Workflow for SLM and user centric workflows to prevent to login to complex back-end systems.

Modernize user experiences with the Mendix low-code platform, both web and mobile.
Modernize user experiences with the Mendix low-code platform, both web and mobile.

Use cases

Three examples of horizontal process oriented use cases:

  • Issuing and managing tickets in Teamcenter, while collecting historical feedback data, i.e. windmill operational data, can be exposed to customers and partners for internal quality purposes. But also for new revenue and services streams.
  • Field services: engineer app to identify and replace parts with offline capabilities and integration with SAP for inventory check purposes. Barcode scanning, real-time integration, updating and syncing BoM are all possible. 
  • Creating Digital Twins of your assets to reflect how assets work in the real world to be ahead of the game by connecting them to MindSphere for IoT data and creating interactive dashboards and workflows with Mendix, i.e. for product optimization and operational efficiency.


Below, there is a 4-minute video of a Mendix web and mobile app on top of Teamcenter and SAP.

The app we created integrates with both SAP and TeamCenter. We use stock management in SAP and the Bill of Materials in TeamCenter. Using Mendix we retrieve the Bill of Materials and display them to the user, the user can check for spare parts (to replace) in Mendix, this will check the inventory in SAP and display the relevant available parts. The user can pick a new replacement part, which updates the Bill of Material in TeamCenter and the stock amount in SAP.

The demo video shows how:

  • there are objects in Siemens TeamCenter;
  • these objects can be found in the Mendix App;
  • the Mendix App connects to SAP for the required materials and shows the available quantity;
  • the Mendix App can use that material;
  • to update the availability in SAP and the used serial number and update this back into TeamCenter.


  • No more logins between the two systems;
  • Keeping data integrity and consistency between the two systems; 
  • Facilitating field engineers in keeping the “as maintained Bill of Material” up-to-date.