Our solutions

TimeSeries specializes in creating innovative solutions to help solve common business challenges. We offer you a competitive edge by using Mendix, IoT, AI and smart cloud technologies. Read more about our solutions and our clients’ success stories.

Automated Planning
Good planning allows you to do more business with less assets. Save time and money by automatically planning your valuable resources. Plan faster, smarter and optimized. And make sure you are prepared for the future!
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Intelligent Energy Insight
Leverage innovative Big Data technology to turn your energy data into actionable insights! Create customer focused services, reduce customer churn and convert prospects into paying customers. Easier and faster than ever!
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Predictive Maintenance
Imagine having smart assets that communicate and alert you when they need attention... Our Predictive Maintenance enables you to predict when assets need maintenance before they break down. Saving you time, money and potential business.
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Smart Warehousing
Your physical goods can literally be the building blocks to your business. Use modern RFID technology and smart applications to automate, simplify and speed up material handling. And start saving time, effort and money!
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