Audit Trail

It is crucial for your organization to properly keep track of important data mutations in your Mendix application.

Audit Trail

A common requirement for enterprise grade applications is to keep track of important data mutations. You need to store these mutations in an audit trail for compliance reasons or to answer questions, such as:

  • Who is responsible for what change?
  • Why is my object in this state?
  • What is the history of this object?

Traditional approach

The traditional approach to keep these mutations inside the Mendix applications themselves poses two problems:

  • Application performance degrades as the amount of stored mutations grow
  • It is not easy to create such a trail across the applications, which is especially important when application integrations can cause chains of data mutations in different apps.

TimeSeries Audit Trail

Our solution stores the mutations outside the Mendix applications, which means there is no performance impact while at the same time the audit trail can be kept for years. By building one audit trail for all apps combined it is possible to track complex mutation chains across various apps. Our solution comes with out of the box user interface components which can be used in Mendix applications to search through the history of an object.