Smart Search

Be able to find quickly what you are looking for in your applications.

Smart Search

Being able to quickly find what you are looking for is very important when using an application. This can be a cumbersome task when an application grows in size. Or when information is spread out across multiple different applications. The TimSeries Smart Search solution is a generic service which can be enabled for any Mendix Application. It enables full text searches over multiple entities in multiple applications at the same time.

Does this sound familiar?

Our Smart Search solution solves the following problems:

  • Data is spread across multiple applications and we can’t search through this in a cohesive and performant way.
  • Users may not exactly know how their targeted result is phrased or where to look for it.
  • Mendix doesn’t have a single search interface to allow users to find what they are looking for.

Smart Search solution

TimeSeries implemented a Mendix specific search based solution to enable users to find their data. This solution allows for complex text searches that can cope with spelling errors and similarities. The search is not limited to a single entity in a single app. It provides a single search bar for all entities, across all apps.

The solution contains fully automated index management. Maintaining “search indices” is a cumbersome process. All created and deleted actions as well as content changes need to be reflected in the search index in order to maintain accurate results.  It also takes care of:

  • Syncing Mendix entities when they are created, updated and deleted;
  • Fault tolerance both on the Mendix and Server side so that even during extended down-time no changes are lost;
  • Support for value changes, but also complete model changes, always keeping at least the old indices available for searches.

Furthermore, the Smart Search solution can be used to let non-Mendix applications search through Mendix data, which allows other frontend to leverage data from your Mendix applications. By using deep link functionality, users can be directly sent to the appropriate pages in the Mendix applications to perform their tasks.