Asset Management & Tracking

Continuously track and manage each asset and their components throughout the life cycle!

Asset Management & Tracking

Location of your assets

A lot of organizations have hundreds or maybe even thousands of individual assets. They are spread over different locations, persons, vehicles, etc. You can probably imagine what the costs are when you don’t know the exact locations of those assets. Or what might happen if people use material which are past their maintenance date. People are either spending time looking for it, maybe ordering new ones or using materials which don’t meet the safety requirements for example. You simply want to know the location of and work performed on each of your assets or piece of equipment throughout your organization. In fact, it is crucial to run your business properly.

Smart warehousing

IoT data

Tracking and managing your assets

You need to be able to continuously track and manage each asset and their components throughout the life cycle. Therefore, people, data, processes and business systems need to be closely integrated to increase operational efficiency. This starts by making physical assets digital and create digital twins to be able to monitor them. Our Asset Management & Tracking template uses RFID and IoT data in which you can easily see all your assets with their status and location. RFID labels or tags and IoT sensors do not require you to physically access every item in your organization which makes it easy to gather all the data and give you insights.


  • 20% reduction of search times
  • Increased transparency throughout your organization or even across the supply chain, up-to-date status at all times
  • Proactive notifications related to inspection dates and state of your equipment
  • Detailed usage tracking
  • Eliminate manual runs. The dashboard will show where your items are located
  • Improved security. Limit usage of specific items by specific users or user groups

Use RFID and IoT to track your assets

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Asset Management & Tracking