Employee Shift Rostering

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    Employee Shift Rostering

    Creating rosters manually

    Creating rosters for a group of employees is a complex task. Rosters can have a continuous nature, for example when employees need to be physically present in a factory both day and night and during weekdays as well as during the weekend. There are many rules coming from government, collective labour agreements, unions, etc. to take into account. Examples of such rules are: there should be at least X hours between shifts, an employee can have a maximum number of night shifts a month, per quarter or even per year and there is a maximum number of consecutive working days. Manually enforcing all these rules while taking into consideration the preferences of individual employees is impossible with a larger set of employees. Examples of organizations which face these types of challenges are: hospitals, call centers, factories; basically every organization working in shifts.

    Automated Planning engine

    Our Employee Shift Rostering template is based on our automated planning engine, which combines the low-code platform Mendix with Artificial Intelligence to automatically create rosters for employees. The template takes into account many different business rules and tries to optimize the roster as much as possible. Employees can enter their preferences via a mobile app which are taken into account when creating the rosters. Manual overrides by the planner are respected by the automated planning engine, giving the planner full control over the end result. The template is multi-tenant, so multiple organizational units are able to use it at the same time. Once published, the application tries to minimize the number of changes needed when an employee unexpectedly becomes unavailable. Therefore, it makes it very easy to adjust a roster when an employee gets sick.


    Using this template, organizations will spend less time on creating employee rosters as this happens automatically. Employee satisfaction will increase due to less roster changes as the engine tries to keep published shifts as stable as possible. As the engine tries to minimize the cost of a roster, taking hourly rates and overtime into consideration, the total cost of doing shift work decreases.


    Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Employee Shift Rostering template.

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      Employee Shift Rostering