Field Services Planning

Save time and money by automatically planning your valuable resources. Plan faster, smarter and optimized!

    Field Services Planning

    Dispatching your mechanics

    Facility and real estate management companies all have the same struggle: how to efficiently dispatch mechanics to solve issues inside buildings for which they are responsible. It is a tedious task where variables need to be taken into account, such as mechanic certifications, Service Level Agreements (SLA), rosters and travel time. As the resource pool of mechanics grows it becomes increasingly hard for service desk employees to make an efficient planning.

    Field Services Planning

    Manually assigning service requests to mechanics while taking different factors into account is a complex task. Our automated planning engine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a real-time planning based on different parameters and business rules. The planning is updated automatically every few minutes based on changing traffic information, new service requests, etc. It allows your service desk employees to spend their time on things that really matter, such as scaling up on-call mechanics if SLA’s are in danger of being violated and managing customer expectations. Although the planning engine plans all service requests completely automatically using AI algorithms, the service desk employee can still override this planning if he or she sees a need for it.

    Dedicated customer and mechanic apps

    Besides the application for the service desk, the solution contains dedicated mobile apps for both customers and mechanics. The customer can use this app to create new service requests with attached pictures and can also see the latest state of these requests, including predicted arrival and repair times. Mechanics are able to see all service requests which are assigned to them and use the app to indicate when work has started. The customer signs off on a service request when a mechanic is done after which it is finalized.


    Automatic sign off of service requests
    Planning system takes care of the hour registration process

    Easier invoice processes
    Customers sign off on completed service requests

    Efficiency improvement of your mechanics
    Taking into account skills and travel time

    Less SLA violations
    Real-time planning with manual overrides


    Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Automated Planning engine. The Field Services template uses the intelligence of the planning engine.

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      Field Services Planning