Intelligent Insight

Leverage innovative Big Data technology to turn your data into actionable insights! Create customer focused services, reduce customer churn and convert prospects to paying customers. Easier and faster than ever!

    Intelligent Insight

    Smart meters in the Energy industry

    Today’s energy market is all about efficiency and sustainability. A lot of data is being collected by IoT devices such as smart meters. A single device that measures one value per second stores 86.400 data points per day. How do you process and analyze these enormous amounts of data and how do you turn it into actionable insight in an accessible and scalable manner?

    Create Intelligent Insight

    Years of experience in the utilities industry combined with our expertise in the field of Big Data and IoT have resulted in an analytical platform which is capable of capturing and analyzing gigantic amounts of (un)structured data for millions of customers in parallel.

    Intelligent Energy Insight integrates seamlessly with any of your data sources. It features highly secure data storage, data improvement algorithms and real time analysis and insights. Data can be combined in a personal dashboard, showing insights like current usage, customer profile analysis, base load, time slices and peer benchmarking. Based on these insights, value added services can be developed.

    Business benefits

    The solution can be tailored to suit your business and clients, but offers lots of standard functionality as well:

    Predicting energy consumption 
    Inform your customers proactively about their expected cost and get grip on your portfolio size

    Automated monthly reports
    Stay automatically in contact with customers on a monthly basis

    Always-on detection
    Help customers save energy by giving them insight in their “always-on” usage

    Compare customers with their peers and give suggestions on how to become more energy efficient

    Data Interpolation
    Estimate missing values for insight and billing purposes

    Data Aggregation
    Turn second level data into, hours, days, weeks and years with the speed of light


    Already used by some of the largest energy companies in the Benelux, our Intelligent Energy Insights solution yields lots of positive results, including:

    Creation of data driven services
    Based on data gathered from smart meters

    Streamlining of invoicing
    Due to single source of truth

    Less customer service desk calls
    Customers can see and change their personal information in their dashboard, such as their monthly fee

    Higher retention
    Develop value added services which will result in a more personal approach to customers


    Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Intelligent Insight template.

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      Intelligent Insight