Smart Warehousing

Your physical goods can literally be the building blocks to your business. Use modern RFID technology and smart applications to automate, simplify and speed up material handling. And start saving time, effort and money!

    Smart Warehousing

    Keeping your inventory up-to-date

    Warehouses contain lots of inventory assets, ranging from hundreds to millions of individual goods. Managing the supply and demand of a warehouse can be a demanding and error-prone job, especially when goods arrive and leave in a high pace. Misplacement of items can have disastrous effects on your processes. In the most optimal situation you know of any of your items in your inventory: what unique item it is, on which shelf it is stored, if it is inspected, who checked it out last and how many are left. Right?

    Turn your warehouse into a Smart Warehouse

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a modern technology that enables you to easily identify, locate and process your warehouse items. It supports bulk scanning and does not require you to physically see the RFID tag to do so. Inexpensive RFID tags or stickers are attached to the items, making them easily readable by scanners at your production plants, on your transportation vehicles and by hand scanners operated by personnel. Any lost or misplaced goods will be identified and located easily.


    20% reduction of search times
    More on-time delivery

    Increased transparency
    Up-to-date inventory status at all times

    Eliminate manual runs
    The dashboard will show where your items are stored

    Improved security
    Limit usage of specific (important, expensive) items by specific users or user groups


    Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Smart Warehousing template.

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      Smart Warehousing