Workflow for SLM

Create integrated workflows which are process focused instead of system oriented. Make information from different core systems available in one application!

    Workflow for SLM

    Traditional core systems

    The challenge is that many core systems such traditional ERP, CRM and PLM systems are not designed to work like this. These are very large and robust systems which do not have a high rate of change. They are designed to be stable and are not updated very frequently. When an organization has several types of systems in a company, employees are faced with the need to use different complex systems in order to perform a simple task.

    Turn separate workflows into one integrated workflow.

    Modernize user experiences with the Mendix low-code platform, both web and mobile.

    Integrated workflows

    At TimeSeries, we believe Mendix is the perfect tool to create integrated workflows which are process focused instead of system oriented. By placing Mendix on top of Siemens Teamcenter and SAP we make information from these two core systems available in a modern app platform.

    This approach allows our customers to create applications which combine data from these backend systems in a single application. It also offers the possibility to extend Siemens Teamcenter and SAP with additional functionality.


    By using Mendix to create process oriented workflows we allow your employees and customers to have a unified view on information enclosed in core backend systems. These apps are state of the art and are available on all devices, even in locations with little to no connectivity. This allows your employees to do their job in a more efficient way, whether they are in the office or out in the field.


    Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Workflow for SLM template.

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      Workflow for SLM