Workplace Manager

Automate your workplace management process to keep everyone safe and healthy while being compliant with the current rules and regulations. It is applicable for any workplace. Whether it is an office, a factory, hospital or ship.

Workplace Manager


In today’s world, with all the regulations to minimize the spread of COVID-19, working on location isn’t what it used to be. There is a maximum of people which are allowed in the same area and you need to be able to guarantee a certain physical distance between your employees at all times. Managing this process to keep everyone safe and healthy and being compliant with the current rules and regulations can be both challenging and time-consuming. 


TimeSeries has developed an application to help you with this time-consuming planning task. Workplace Manager is an affordable and user-friendly application that is available on mobile and tablet and can be used at different locations. Whether your employees work in an office, factory, hospital or ship. 

In the application, you can upload your own floor plans on which you can indicate which workplaces can be used. When that is done, your employees are able to select a workplace for a certain time slot or day. Once arrived, he or she can check in on the reserved workplace. This can be done by simply scanning a QR code which you need to apply on the workplace itself or by manually selecting the workplace in the app.

The application generates a daily overview of the people who have been on location. When a particular person is infected by the coronavirus and was at one of your locations, other users that were there at the same time can receive a notification.


  • Significant cost savings due to less manual planning
  • Less administrative tasks performed
  • Less risks concerning infections at the workplace 
  • Realtime insight into workplace occupation
  • Automated detection of employees at risk after an infection


Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Workplace Manager template.

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    Workplace Manager